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Why Socrato Digital SAT and PSAT?

Full-Length Simulated Tests

  • The full 2 hours, 14 minutes, and timed adaptive test with a 10-minute break between the reading/writing and math modules.

Insightful Online Interactive Report and Analysis

  • Identify topic strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Get an insight into the time spent per question.
  • The right level of difficulty of the questions accurately measures how well you are prepared for the actual test.

Real Exam Experience and Scoring

  • Available for Students,  Test Prep Institutes, and Schools.
  • Invest effort in better-aligned tests and get higher scores.
  • Increase chances of gaining the perfect score.

Socrato Digital SAT and PSAT for Tutors

Proctor Test in a Simulated Environment

  • The academy students can get the feel of a  real test in a simulated environment.
  • The students will get familiar with the Test structure, time, and content.
  • The students will get also familiar with the adaptive nature of tests.
  • They will get used to online calculators, annotation tools as well and other accessories.

Review Test Scores and Questions

  • Tutors can review the online interactive reports with the students.
  • Identify their strengths and areas of improvement.
  • They can review the questions with the students.
  • Analyze the batch/group performance.
  • White label student portal and Reports.

Socrato Digital SAT and PSAT for Students

Real Test Experience

  • Students experience the real exam and much more.
  • Get familiar with the adaptive nature of the test.
  • Improve the test-taking strategy for timed tests.
  • Get familiar with all the tools as real exams like  “Annotation, Calculator, instruction, timer, etc.
  • Get familiar with short passages.

Interactive Report and Adaptive Scoring

  • Instant Interactive Report
  • Get familiar with the adaptive scoring and achieve a score close to the real exam.
  • Deep understanding of strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Get the insight of time per question per difficulty level.
  • Measure the progress from one session to another.


Socrato Interactive Score Report