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Strategies to Prepare SSAT in an Effective Way

SSAT Preparation Guidance and Tips. What You Need to Know the Aptitude of SSAT Aspirants.

This e-Book now gives better insight of student's composite scores, subject/test score, section score, subject weakness and strengths and it has also introduced the subject and topic-wise analysis which gives insight to the students where they stand.

This eBook features an 14-page description of the Strategies to Prepare SSAT

  • SSAT Overview
  • Exam Details
    • Subject and Topic Coverage
  • ACT Scoring System
    • Subject Score, Grouped Score, Composite Score
  • Understanding SSAT Student's Score Report
    • Subject/Scale,Grouped, Composite, and Raw Scores, Benchmark and Marking System
  • Smart Strategy for Preparation
  • Case Study
    • Effective Way to Achieve the Targeted SSAT Composite Score
    • Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points
    • Topic-wise Analysis to Improve Subject Score Points
  • Preparation as per Priority
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: Socrato Reports & Resources
Strategies to Prepare SAT in an Effective Way

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