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Socrato for Tutors and Schools


  • Prepare using retired, released, or custom tests
  • One of the lowest costing online system with easy pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Detailed diagnostic and point cost analysis
  • Detailed information and analytics by group, class, or student
  • Allows you to help students prepare for multiple exams with just one account

Socrato for Tutors, Tutoring Centers, and Schools

Socrato automates the reporting and assessment tasks used by tutors, teachers, and instructors to create personalized study plans and monitor student progress. Socrato supports individual students, parents, teachers, tutors, and academies improve test scores and achieve their academic goals. Socrato provides several services for three types of users:
  1. Individual educators and tutors who are striving to improve student performance on tests.
  2. Administrators and test prep academy owners who want to automate their test prep services and understand how their tutors, test materials, and students are performing.
  3. Students themselves, who may use Socrato to score and analyze practice tests on their own, or as part of an integrated service offered by a tutor, teacher or test prep academy.

How Socrato Help Tutors & Academies

  • Automates online scoring and diagnostic reports so you have more time to coach students and customize study plans
  • Allows you to leverage released, retired, and custom tests, widely and inexpensively available from testing agencies, and to upload your tests and study materials as needed.
  • Provides the reports you need to work effectively with students, including detailed performance information by group, class, tutor, and student.
  • Helps students prepare for multiple exams with just one tutor account.
  • Saves you money with easy pay-as-you-go value pricing.

How it Works

Socrato works in two convenient modes: Answers Only Processing and Questions & Answers Processing:


Answers Only Processing


  1. Buy tests from publisher / test company (SAT, ACT, and others)
  2. Practice using paper and pencil
  3. Transfer bubble sheet responses to Socrato (online or scanner)
  4. View scores and analytic reports online or download for printing

Questions & Answers Processing


  1. Select pre-configured tests (for grades 3 to 10 and various subjects) or create custom tests from our online question bank
  2. Practice online OR print on paper and upload bubble responses to Socrato
  3. View scores and analytic reports online or download for printing


Ready to Try or Buy

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