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SAT vs. ACT Reports

SAT vs. ACT Predictor Test Report

SAT vs ACT Predictor Report

After you take SAT vs. ACT Predictor Test. A detailed comparison diagnostic report is created, which highlights strengths and weaknesses corresponding to the different exams. The Reports are helpful to identify which types of questions are best suited to your test-taking abilities and learning styles. The report
  • Easy nine-page detailed analysis of each section along with an overall “big picture” analysis.
  • Helps to identify the expected national level percentile for both exams.
  • Available immediately upon exam completion.

Additional Test Analysis

  • Predicts the whole exam and individual section scores, percentiles, and students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • It provides a detailed question of difficulty analysis for each section.
  • Provides answer distribution analysis for each section.
  • It provides topic analysis for each section.
  • You should discuss these results with your instructor to decide which test is better suited for you.
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Score Summary Report
Figure 1: SAT vs. ACT Predictor Test Report

Actual SAT vs. ACT Comparison Diagnostic Reports

The SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool

  • Easy way to find an exam to prepare.
  • Analyzes the actual ACT and SAT complete test performance.
  • Students get real test-taking experience.
  • It helps in exam decision-making and test preparation.

How does the Comparison Tool Work?

  • Create Socrato Account.
  • Find the SAT and ACT which you took or plan to take.
  • Grade the test using Socrato bubble sheet grading methods.
  • Select both the individual student report of both tests.
  • Generate SATvsACT diagnostic report.

SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool Report

  • Instant seven pages diagnostic Report
  • It provides the recommendation of the preferred test as per actual test scores.
  • Pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of both the exams Subject topics.
  • Gives the direction for the Test prep.
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SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool
Figure 2: SAT vs. ACT Comparison Diagnstic Report

SAT vs. ACT Score Summary Reports

The SAT versus ACT Score Report is available as a data download. This report is available to users who have purchased the SAT vs ACT Comparison Test. Users can download the data and run different analyses for a class as a whole group or for a subset of the group. The downloaded data contains:
  • Student name and ID.
  • Student scaled scores by subject and total for both SAT and ACT.
  • Percentile and equivalent scores in SAT and ACT.
  • Test bias analysis.
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Score Summary Report
Figure 3: SAT vs. ACT Score Summary Report