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"Practice done with proper planning promotes a person for perfect performance."

Why Socrato?

  • Effortless Online Bubble Sheet Grading.
  • Prepare with Actual ACT Retired Test or Official Test Prep Guide.
  • Deep Insights and Diagnostic Analysis of Test Grading.
  • Pay as you go!

Effortless Online Bubble Sheet Grading

Bubble sheets for practice tests (SAT, ACT, PSAT. etc.) are graded on the Socrato online platform in a simple, fast, and efficient manner. Additionally, there are several online mechanisms users can employ for grading of the practice test bubble-sheets.  Save time with Socrata's fast and accurate bubble sheet processing, eliminate manual scoring and assessment.

Online Bubble Sheet Assignment

In addition, Academy owners can assign online bubble sheets to students. Students fill the bubble sheets, submit the answers, and then receive their instant diagnostic report.

Online Bubble Sheet Manual Entry

Academy owners can also manually transcribe student answers to online bubble sheets or to pre-formatted Excel sheets with. After the data is uploaded, a detailed report is instantly created.


Practice with Actual Retired Tests or Official Guide

High School and Middle School Tests

  • From publicly available prep books,
  • Additionally, from official study guides and retired, released tests provided by organizations such as the ACTCollegeBoard (SAT), SSAT, and ERB (ISEE).

Practice Question Bank

  • Likewise, various state exams/tests are available for printing and online testing.
  • Students can create their practice test from the question bank or create a private practice test.


SAT vs. ACT Comparison Test

  • SAT vs. ACT comparison Test is a one combined SAT ACT test.
  • Student can take this test in high school sophomores or Junior year.
  • Take this test before beginning the SAT Test Prep or ACT Test prep to discover which test (SAT/ACT) is more aligned with your learning style.
  • SAT vs. ACT comparisonSocrato's test is a combined 3 ½ hour test. The students can take the test online or paper.
  • Once the test is complete, instantly, they get in detail diagnostic report.

**Socrato does not provide any actual tests. Tests are only graded, please view the Socrato test library for a list of tests graded in Socrato. 


Deep Insights and Diagnostic Analysis

Get Insight beyond Your Practice Score

  • Actionable Diagnostic & Performance Reports.
  • Save time with Socrato’s fast and accurate analytics, eliminate manual scoring and assessment.
  • Pinpoint your subject-specific gaps and test performance problems.
  • Focus your effort in the right areas for the most optimal improvement in scores.
  • Get transparency in learning progress by automatic tracking, trending, and analysis.
  • Track and manage learning with actionable metrics.
  • With each practice keep an eye on your progress.
  • Understand potential by seeing the best scores from all the historical sessions.
  • See the trends for your performance across the session. Get the most out of your effort.
  • Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming Test Prep.

SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic Report

  • Discover which test (SAT/ACT) is more aligned with your learning style.
  • Invest effort in better-aligned test and get higher scores.
  • Increase chances of gaining admission into student’s top choice college.
  • Pinpoint student’s exam/ subject/topics strength and weaknesses.
  • Get the feel of real test.

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