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We would like to promulgate (v. state or announce) that we have fastidiously (adv. given careful attention to detail) culled (v. selected from a group) the top 500 vocabulary words from the multitude of lists on the net and from other sources for SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT tests.  By the way, we found quite a few incorrect definitions on some of the lists out there.  So we’d like to impute (v. attribute or credit to) WordNet, an open source dictionary project, which provides all of our definitions.

You can find the vocabulary practice tests by selecting Vocabulary on the home page category  list.  There are 5 tests of 100 words each.  The Socrato 100 contains the most common vocabulary <a href="http://www.allergien find out here now.net/allergien-erkennen-und-behandeln-lassen”>Allergien words.  cheap nba jerseys The Socrato 400 contains the next 400 most common words, and we Working broke the list down into four tests of 100 words each.  Since you’re using Socrato, you can of course select whichever words you’d like to test cheap jerseys with if you don’t like how we grouped them.

We’re also working to buttress (v. make stronger) our cheap jerseys vocabulary offering with the Socrato 4000, which will be a C4 monster list of common vocabulary we hope will keep you wholesale nfl jerseys hone your skills.  Look for it in the coming weeks.