Home » News » Socrato new release leveraging learning analytics to help MCAS and SAT students

Today we upgraded Socrato with new release.

Major updates were done in learning analytic and reporting area. Key high lights include:

  • Teachers or tutors can create custom reports for group of students.
  • Assessment data can be analyzed by teacher defined parameters and criteria this hyperlink. Example, school staff can look at the performance of a class by race, gender, lunch code or any other parameters they wish to define. This is already providing interesting insights to our current users.
  • Learning data analytics is very tightly connected with learning content. Teacher can assemble relevant learning content just by clicking on the standards link in various reports.
  • Question distribution report now shows the list of students for each response. 

In addition, number of bug fixes were made and usability issue where resolved.

As always, thank you all for your feedback. If you run into any issues please drop us an email or leave a comment.