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Hello All,

Not a huge release, number of minor fixes and enhancements in SAT/ACT custom diagnostic reports area.

  • An issue related to the recalculation of the scores for SAT, ACT, and SAT/ACT comparison reports has been resolved. After uploading the session in bulk mode… if the user edits the session again online, the updated session was not scored correctly. The issue was introduced recently due to fixes to one of the custom reports.
  • In order to do the billing we track the number of student sessions and the report generation activity. Many times due to user data entry error, or for other reasons, tutors needed to completely delete the session and reload data which recreated the new student session. Now the deleting of the session is tracked, so there is fully reconcilable audit trail of usage and billing.
  • A few weeks back we discovered that during heavy load, the report usage activity was not getting tracked properly. No information was lost, but we needed to calculate the usage at the end of month, rather in real time. We have fixed the issue.
  • Modified the ACT/SAT comparison test diagnostic report (this is applicable to custom tests) which now does the correlation of two scores (the SAT and ACT) and also makes the recommendation about what test to take.

Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions.