Home » News » Socrato Customers Can Now Process Additional Released ACT Tests

In the past month a number of our customers inquired about Socrato support for official, released ACT tests (non-published). Since we are customer focused, we made it a priority and are happy to announce that we now have two ACT tests available as part of the Socrato subscription service. Customers using the Socrato software and Bubblesheet Grader alpha should be able to grade students for the following two tests:

  • DEC 2006 ACT (Form Code: 63D)
  • APR 2008 ACT (Form code: 65D)
  • For tutors and educational consultants not familiar with non-published, released tests – they are official tests that are not published as part of the Official ACT test prep Book. However, the ACT occasionally releases stand alone prior year tests or sample tests for students to practice. Over the years a wide variety of such tests have been released publicly by both the ACT and the College Board for the SAT.

    Please note that the actual test questions are the copyright material of the publishing organizations and Socrato does not distribute the test questions directly or on-behalf of other organizations. However our proprietary taxonomy allows for Tutors and Educational Consultants to use our software to automatically create performance reports for students online.

    Please stay tuned to the Socrato news blog as we continue to announce the availability of additional tests and exams (*hint hint*) on Socrato. As always, contact us if you have further questions about the use of these released tests or you would like to make use of the Socrato software to grade your students’ tests.