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Author’s note: Socrato is not associated with the SSATB nor are we endorsed by them. We do not provide or sell SSAT copyrighted tests or questions through the Socrato software but the software allows you to process SSAT tests using our rules engine to create analytical reports.

The Socrato Team is happy to announce that the ability to create diagnostic reports for Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) tests. Tutors assisting students in preparing for the SSAT can use our learning analytics software to generate SSAT test diagnostic reports which identify the students weaknesses on the test.

The SSAT is a test administered by the Secondary School Admission Test board (SSATB) for students grade 5-11 seeking admission to independents schools worldwide. The SSAT measures a students academic abilities by testing their verbal, quantitative and reading comprehension skills. The SSAT is broken up into two testing levels based on grade:

  • Lower Level – for students currently in grades 5-7
  • Upper Level – for students currently in grades 8-11

The SSAT also serves as a method for predicting SAT scores for students currently in grades 7-10. Taking the SSAT serves not only as an exercise for the SAT, but also provides information on a students educational strengths and weaknesses.

If you are interested in processing SSAT tests using the Socrato software for creating diagnostic reports email us at info@socrato.com.