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At the beginning of the week the Socrato Team rolled out a new software update which included some very exciting changes. We made two major alterations which include the addition of a new session/import wizard and the ability to easily attach an exam to your group.

Session/Import Wizard
The new Session/Import Page Wizard allows you to easily enter your students practice test scores and generate a diagnostic report within minutes. Some of the features of the new Session/Import Wizard includes:

  • Importing student data from one page in a smooth guided process (you won’t have to add the student from member page any more)
  • Adding a newly released exam or test to your group easily
  • The ability to assign the center specific student id

In the past there were 3 steps involved in entering data if you were using the bubblesheet based data entry. Now selecting the exam, test, and entering responses for a new or current student is all available from 1 page.

New Import Wizard

Exam Mapping
We frequently add new exams or versions of practice tests to our library. Previously if you wanted one attached to your group you would need to call and ask us to add it for you. Now you can map an exam or test to your groups on your own as soon as it is available using our new exam mapping feature.

Other Updated
We also made some other fixes which include:

  • Capturing of Student Id’s
  • Sorting and Searching for Students
  • Online Custom payments

Visit your account now to check out the new changes!